The Best Cake Decorating Tools

WRITTEN BY: DEB TAYLOR Updated September 21, 2020

Are you the type to whip up cupcakes from a box mix? Or are you a pro whose eager to flex your "everything is cake" skills? Bakers of any skill level could benefit from having a stash of cake decorating tools at their disposal. They're guaranteed to come in handy when you're elbow-deep in batter and suddenly realize you're out of cupcake liners (or never had any at all.) For those who aspire to produce Pinterest-worthy creations, there are souped-up sets with every decorating tool imaginable. But even if you only bake a batch of annual birthday cupcakes, something as simple as a set of pastry bags can take canned frosting to a new level. (Bonus parent tip: kids and cake frosting are a messy but fun match.)

Check out the best cake decorating tools for every kind of baking project.

This is a nice streamlined starter set for beginner bakers. It's also an affordable option for busy batch bakers who already own pastry tips.

An 11 in turntable rotates 360 degrees in either direction on stainless steel ball bearings. It's made of food-safe, BPA-free plastic and has a thoughtful design—look for grid lines on the surface to help with measurements while decorating.

It also comes with two 11 in spatulas. Use the straight blade to smooth the sides of cakes; the angled one works better to spread fillings and frostings evenly over the tops.

Finally, it comes with three durable plastic scrapers. We're partial to the comb with teeth, which makes professional patterns on the cake. Or you can go for a minimalist look using the straight-edged version. (You'll also find it useful for scraping dough and other bits that are stuck to your countertop after a baking project.)

Key Features

  • 11 in turntable

  • 11 in flat and angled spatulas

  • 3 cake scrapers/icing combs

Piping frosting is a messy affair. It's not uncommon to go through multiple pastry bags for a small cake-baking project. So why not ditch the disposable plastic for a greener option? These reusable silicone bags fit the bill and have multiple uses.

There are six bags in a set—two of each in small (12.2 in x 6.69 in), medium (13.38 in x 7.48 in), and large (15.35 in x 9.05 in). There are also six couplers, which are plastic parts that screw pastry tips into place at the end of the bag.

You can fill all six bags with different colored frostings for a fancy cake, or you can use them for a group baking project. Otherwise, pick the size you need depending on the yield of the recipe. The bag has an anti-slip exterior and flexible feel, unlike stiff and crunchy plastic versions.

They're not just for cakes, either—pastry bags are essential for old school recipes like deviled eggs and pâte à choux.

All parts are made of BPA-free materials. The bags are food-grade silicone and the couplers are made of polypropylene. To clean, turn the bags inside-out and wash by hand. It's a small amount of effort for a superior alternative.

Key Features

  • 6 bags in 3 sizes: 12.2 in x 6.69 in, 13.38 in x 7.48 in, 15.35 in x 9.05 in

  • Made of BPA-free silicone

  • 6 couplers included to attach piping tips

This ultimate decorating set lives up to its name. With 263 pieces, it has all the tools to make a show-stopping, Instagram fame-worthy cake. Use it to hone your skills with buttercream, fondant, and every other confectionery material in your culinary arsenal.

The set includes four spatulas: two straight and two angled, measuring 9 in and 13 in. Use them to smooth batter evenly in cake pans, spread frosting in fun swirls, or lift cookies that are stuck to the counter. Pair 12 in or 16 in disposable pastry bag with a coupler (there are six included) and one of 18 decorating tips to create simple or elaborate flourishes on your edible masterpiece.

There are also nails for making buttercream flowers, an icing comb, and even a practice board for experimenting with different tips before committing to a design.

Those who work with fondant can expect all the modeling tools necessary for a fabulous cake: a roller, smoother floral impression mats, brushes, cutters, and modeling tools. Pro-tip: you can also them to make shapes with fresh pasta dough.

We also like the addition of Bake-Even strips. Through the magic of science, they help cakes form even tops instead of odd humps in the center.

Everything comes in a plastic caddy that's built with multiple drawers and storage compartments.

Key Features

  • 263 piece set

  • For decorating with buttercream and fondant

  • 4 angled and straight spatulas

  • 18 piping tips

  • 62 disposable decorating bags

  • 13.7 in x 15 in x 5 in caddy

  • Assorted modeling tools

If you work with fondant or chocolate, you probably know that pastry brushes are the tool that will help take your work from good to great. They give you the freedom to add your own flourishes to your creation so that it stands out from generic supermarket cakes. This 5 piece Wilson set is an affordable addition to your existing bag of tricks.

Each brush head serves a different purpose. Think of it as the same as putting on makeup or painting. You can use a large, flat head for bold strokes of color on white fondant cut-outs; or try the fine liner for detailed work. Angled heads make graceful flower petals, and short brushes are good for shading and blending. Bust out the edible dyes and powders and use your imagination

The synthetic bristles are soft and food-safe. Handles are made of acrylic—they're a better choice than wood, which can eventually crack or splinter. To clean, wash with warm water and dish soap by hand, then lay flat to dry. This way the brush heads will maintain their shape for long-term use.

Key Features

  • 5 piece set in assorted shapes

  • Food safe bristles (synthetic)

  • Acrylic handles

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